Chatham Class of '78 Reunion - Tami Kelley Fulcher pictures

Pictures by Tami Kelley Fulcher, Text by James J Dempsey

In August 2008, Tami (Kelley) Fulcher wrote me a very sweet note and sent me some photos taken at the Chatham High School Class of 1978 25th Reunion. She asked if I would put them up on the web site, so here they are!

I'll include the captions she wrote on the back of the pictures and in a few cases, snide remarks of my own. You can click on the pictures if you want to see them bigger.

I have to apologize a little for the quality of the scans -- the pictures I scanned were from an inkjet printer and so the scans suffered a bit. This was the best I could do.

Tami Kelley Fulcher, Brian Fulcher, Susan Razinha Carran.

Susan Razinha Carran, Mark McVickar

Collen Skipper, Susan Razinha Carran.
[Jjd: This picture reminds me that I had a crush on Colleen in High School. Wait! Did I say that out loud?]

Bob Merriman, Susan Razinha Carran, Ron Hempel

Bruce Finley, Peter Schimmel, Susan Razinha Carran, Rick McKey
[Jjd: What - Peter and Rich were seen hanging out together? Really? That doesn't seem right...]

Kim Nickerson Young, Tami Kelley Fulcher, Susan Razinha Carran

Steve & Kim Nickerson Young, Tami Kelley Fulcher, Audrey Lafrance Greenway, Brian Fulcher, Susan Razinha Carran, Cindy Crowell Cronin

Cindy Crowell Cronin and Tami Kelley Fulcher

[Jjd: No captions on the back of this one, but I think I see Jenny Young, Audrey Lafrance, Goober, Tami Kelley, Ed Storey, Colleen, Ron Hempel, Teddy Lucas, and Sue Razhina.] [Further note: Apologies to Ron for previously mistakenly mis-identifying your back. And thank you for the drinks at Camparis. :-)]

Cindy Crowell Cronin, Brian Fulcher

Girls Night Out
May 9, 2008
Linda Meservey Hutchinson, Tami Kelley Fulcher, Abby Eldridge Nickerson, Susan Razinha Carran, Cathy Wheldon Durand and Faye Jepsen Wingard
[Jjd: Now this "Girls Night Out" sounds like fun. How do I get invited? :-)]

James J Dempsey
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